Virtual Booth Experience


Now offering our Virtual Booth Experience FREE with any Service.
$350 Value
What is a Virtual Booth?
Virtual Booth Experience is our interactive experience that’s fun and easy to use. We set up your virtual booth with your own link and QR code. Simply display the link and/or QR code at your event or on invitations and your guests can enjoy photo booth fun instantly! –From their own mobile device or computer.
Ideal for events where you may be limited on space, or events where there will be people who aren’t able to attend in person or events that take place in large venues where people are spaced out – like an Expo or large scale Corporate events.
Everyone with access to the Virtual Booth link can participate in the photo booth fun. No one feels left out 🙂
We provide your own personalized gallery where all photos will be stored. Photos can instantly be shared or posted on Social Media.


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If you’re looking for a TRUSTED source for Photo Booth, DJ, and Karaoke services in Houston, you might want to consider the following options:

  1. Our PhotoBooth: We offer photo booth rental services for various events and occasions, providing customizable prints and backdrops. 
  2. Houston Party DJ: Our professional DJ service that specializes in providing music and entertainment for parties and events of all natures. We offer a wide range of music genres, lighting options, and equipment to create a lively atmosphere.
  3. Karaoke DJ: We offer various karaoke DJ services or bars/clubs in Houston that offer karaoke nights. 

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Plan Memorable Events with Dancing On The Cloud Services

Are you someone who marvels at the stunning photographs of celebrities and finds yourself wondering how they manage to capture such picture-perfect moments? The answer might lie in the enchanting backdrops and captivating add-ons they incorporate into their weddings and other significant events. One trend that has been taking the event industry by storm is the mesmerizing concept of “Dancing on the Clouds.”

In recent times, numerous celebrities have embraced the idea of making a grand entrance or a memorable dance performance amidst what seems like a magical cloud. While it might appear to be an ethereal mist or natural fog, the truth is that it’s an ingeniously engineered effect achieved with the help of a dry ice machine.

Imagine walking down the aisle at your wedding, or sharing a dance with your loved one, surrounded by a soft and billowy cloud that seems to have emerged from a fairy tale. This captivating illusion creates an atmosphere of wonder and romance, turning even the simplest of spaces into a whimsical wonderland. The Dancing on the Clouds effect adds an otherworldly touch that lingers in the memories of both you and your guests for years to come.

Whether it’s a wedding reception, an anniversary celebration, a milestone birthday, or any other special occasion, incorporating the Dancing on the Clouds Service in Houston effect can truly elevate your event to unforgettable heights. It adds a touch of enchantment and surrealism that resonates with guests of all ages. The ethereal cloud provides a one-of-a-kind backdrop for photographs and videos, ensuring that every moment captured is imbued with a sense of wonder.

Furthermore, this service effect can be customized to match the theme and color scheme of your event. Whether you prefer a soft and dreamy white cloud or a more dramatic burst of color, the possibilities are endless, allowing you to tailor the experience to your unique vision. The combination of the beauty of the effect and the emotions of the moment come together to form an indelible imprint in the minds and hearts of everyone present. Your event will stand out not only for its visual appeal but also for the emotional resonance that this enchanting feature brings.

As you plan your upcoming event, whether it’s a wedding, a milestone celebration, or any other special gathering, consider adding the magical touch of Dancing on the Clouds. This awe-inspiring effect transforms ordinary spaces into extraordinary realms of wonder, leaving a profound impact on all those fortunate enough to witness it. By incorporating this trend into your event, you can create an atmosphere of romance, whimsy, and beauty that will be cherished for a lifetime. So, why not dance on the clouds and make your event truly unforgettable?

Monogramming Services in Houston: Adding a Personal Touch with Seriously Selfie

Monogramming Service in Houston allows you  to have the designer logo for your company that elevates the chance of growth. With hands- on expertise, you can involve all the charm to your labels and make it unique and decorative. A professional knows how to deliver the top-notch product with elegance to trend in the market. Apart from setting a trend, it gives wings to your business; the more people get attracted, the more they will learn about your business idea.

How Seriously Selfie Works

Engaging Seriously Selfie’s monogramming services is a seamless process. You can check the wide variety of options available at our website. You can navigate to our services and choose the best for your business. We have an array of options that will surely go well with your business. The team at Seriously Selfie takes care of the rest, transforming your vision into a beautifully monogrammed reality.

We know how to embrace your work with our excellence. In a world where conformity often dominates, adding a touch of individuality and personal flair can make all the difference. Seriously Selfie understands the significance of self-expression and has established itself as a premier destination for monogramming services in Houston. By seamlessly blending tradition with contemporary design, we empower you to leave your mark on the items you use daily, transforming them into unique reflections of your identity.

Whether you’re seeking to elevate your personal style, create memorable memories, or infuse your surroundings with character, Seriously Selfie’s monogramming services provide an avenue for achieving just that. In the heart of Houston, this establishment has mastered the art of monogramming, giving you the power to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary.

For those seeking Monogramming Services in Houston, book Seriously Selfie as your go to vendor. In a competitive market, having a distinct and designer logo can greatly enhance your company’s visibility and growth potential. With seasoned expertise, we can infuse charm and uniqueness into your labels, turning them into decorative masterpieces. Our professionals understand the nuances of delivering top-notch products that exude elegance, setting new trends and capturing the attention of a wider audience. This not only establishes a trend but also propels your business forward; the more people are drawn in, the more they learn about your unique business concept.

Elevate Your Event with a Professional Karaoke DJ: Music, Fun, and Memorable Moments

Elevate Your Event with a Professional Karaoke DJ: Music, Fun, and Memorable Moments

Are you planning an event in Houston, TX and looking for a unique entertainment option that will have your guests singing, dancing, and creating lasting memories? Hire a professional karaoke DJ with Seriously Selfie, Inc.®. Unlike standard karaoke machines, a professional karaoke DJ brings a level of expertise, interaction, and excitement that can take your event to the next level. Whether it’s a wedding reception, corporate gathering, birthday party, or any special occasion, a professional karaoke DJ offers an experience like no other.

1. Expertise and Energy: Professional karaoke DJs are more than just music providers; they are entertainers who know how to engage and excite a crowd. With their experience and energy, they can read the room, select the right songs for the moment, and keep the party going. Their ability to mix music, interact with the audience, and create a dynamic atmosphere ensures that your event remains lively and enjoyable from start to finish.

2. High-Quality Sound and Equipment: One of the hallmarks of a professional karaoke DJ is their top-notch sound system and equipment. Unlike generic karaoke machines, which might have limited song selections and subpar audio quality, a professional DJ brings a range of music genres and crystal-clear sound to your event. Their microphone setup ensures that every performer’s voice is heard loud and clear, making for an unforgettable karaoke experience.

3. Diverse Song Selection: From golden oldies to the latest chart-toppers, a professional karaoke DJ typically boasts an extensive and diverse song selection. This means that your guests can choose from a wide array of songs that match their musical preferences. Whether someone is a pop diva or a rock enthusiast, they’ll find something in the DJ’s repertoire that gets them excited to step up to the mic.

4. Customized Entertainment: Professional karaoke DJs can tailor their services to fit the vibe and theme of your event. They can adjust the song choices, pacing, and energy levels to match the mood you want to create. They can also incorporate special announcements, shoutouts, and dedications to make the event feel personalized and memorable for everyone involved.

5. Memorable Moments: Karaoke is all about creating memorable moments that your guests will cherish. A professional karaoke DJ knows how to create an atmosphere where people let loose, sing their hearts out, and share laughter and camaraderie. These shared experiences foster connections among guests, making your event truly unforgettable.

6. Event Versatility: Whether you’re hosting a corporate team-building event, a family reunion, a birthday bash, or a wedding celebration, a professional karaoke DJ can adapt their services to suit the occasion. Their versatility ensures that the entertainment seamlessly integrates with your event’s goals and objectives.

In conclusion, when you’re seeking an entertainment option that combines music, interaction, and fun, a professional karaoke DJ is an excellent choice. Their expertise, high-quality equipment, diverse song selection, and ability to customize the experience set them apart from run-of-the-mill karaoke machines. With their help, you can transform your event into a lively and engaging celebration that leaves a lasting impression on your guests.

So, whether you’re planning a corporate gala or a casual get-together, consider booking a professional karaoke DJ to elevate your event and create memories that will be talked about for years to come.

Capturing Elegance: The Glamour of Black and White Photos from our Photo Booths

In the age of Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Threads…etc., capturing moments has become an art form to be displayed. But sometimes, we yearn for a touch of timeless elegance, a throwback to the golden age of Hollywood and a classic look. We offer Glam Photo Booth, a luxurious experience that elevates the art of nostalgia. There’s something inherently magical about black and white photos.

A Trip Back in Time

When you step into Seriously Selfie, Inc.’s glam photo booth, it’s like taking a step back in time to the glamour and sophistication of the past. Your photos come out like you’re at a lavish Hollywood event or a chic Parisian soirée. The black and white photos add to this feeling, evoking a sense of nostalgia that can transport you to another era, even if just for a moment.

Timeless Elegance

Black and white photos are, by their very nature, timeless. They never go out of style, and they have a classic quality that enhances the beauty of the subject. The interplay of our lighting and soft shadows, the subtlety of grayscale, and the way they capture the essence of the moment—all of these elements combine to create truly elegant and sophisticated images.

Perfect for Any Occasion

Whether it’s a wedding, a corporate event, a milestone birthday, or a charity gala, our glam photo booth with luxurious black and white photos is the perfect addition. It brings a touch of class and sophistication to any gathering, giving your guests an opportunity to create stunning, memorable keepsakes.

A Lasting Memento

In the digital age, physical photos have become rare treasures. Black and white prints from our glam photo booth not only make for great instant souvenirs, but they also become cherished mementos that you can keep and display for years to come. These photos have a weight to them, never fading; a significance that goes beyond the fleeting nature of digital images.


Our glam photo booth with luxurious black and white photos is more than just a party accessory; it’s an experience, and a chance to capture moments with a touch of elegance that will be treasured forever. So, whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or simply want to experience the timeless allure of  nostalgia, our glam photo booth is the perfect choice. Strike a pose, capture the magic, and let the elegance of black and white photos weave their spell.

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