Elevate Your Wedding with Seriously Selfie, Inc.’s Bespoke Wedding DJ and Photo Booth in Houston

Are you getting married this wedding season? Don’t let all the vibe fade away with simple dance performance and music. After all, a wedding is not a usual thing and it should be planned well. Music in the event holds an immense importance, and that is why it should be priorities before days to the event. A wedding DJ is not just a casual thing, take a good brief time before finalizing it for your big day.

Additionally, you can add an extra element to your wedding by having a photo booth. It’s not a new thing, however it’s not too old though to get bored. Your guest will love it, for sure! It grabs the special attention of the guests and gives them beautiful memories to cherish all the years, also they can share photographs on social media directly by tagging your wedding event. It’s a great way of socializing and keeping your guests engaged and welcomed.

Seriously Selfie, Inc. plan out your entire event to give you a coolest entry with Wedding DJ and Photo Booth in Houston. Have a special evening with the most trusted and reliable event organizer.

Plan Out your Event With Seriously Selfie, Inc

Props you need: We provide the props you need to add in your wedding function. From Personalized Template to Digital Backgrounds and high resolution photographs. We go extra miles to make your event mind-blowing.

Songs to perform: Tell us what you need in your function, our DJ service will play that for you. Additionally, we provide unattended social booth kiosks, 1 customized photo template to use all the output images, unlimited photo sessions and more.

Additional Things: Our services include other things that will make your event more memorable. You have avail our audio guestbook, dancing on the cloud, karaoke fun and other services.

Our all inclusive wedding service includes all services, Wedding DJ and Photo Booth combined. This package comes with all inclusive services, you can pick any day for your bridal showers, bachelorette, engagement party, etc. Moreover, you have the option to choose either monogram or uplighting for free.

Feel free to connect with us for your wedding function. We take care of your guest entertainment and make your entry grand with dancing on cloud.

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