Seriously Selfie, Inc.®

Glam Booth Experiences

luxury glam Booth

Our Luxury Glam Booth is a good candidate for Weddings, Gala’s, Proms, Fundraisers, Quince’s, Anniversaries and quite frankly, much much more.

Since we use a Professional DSLR Camera with Studio Quality lighting, the photos are High Resolution. This results in precise, crisp & clear photos.

This package comes with black & white skin smoothing and glow technology or as otherwise know as the “Kardashian” style Glam Filter .

The result is a timeless creation for a classic memory forever & ever.

digital glam Booth

Our Digital Glam Booth is also a good candidate for all event types as well. 

This package is popular for a more simplified set up at a lower cost. We use iPad Technology for the photos and a black and white filter plus additional constant lighting.

With this package, you can add to the fun with GIF & Boomerang options all while providing the skin smoothing glow.

Our Commitment

We are committed to each and every event. We put our utmost integrity into what we do. We strive to make the very ultimate best out of your special day!

–Seriously Selfie, Inc.®